Sex, Power, and Wisdom

Mythic Keys for Unlocking Your Sensuality, Success, and Happiness


As women, we have magic within us — the power to birth life, to heal, to bring ecstasy to ourselves and our mates, and to be creative, wise, and happy beyond our imaginings. Yet sometimes, faced with busy schedules, stale relationships, or health concerns, we forget who we      really are.

The original tales of the Goddess—older and deeper than the myths of Olympus—can help us remember. These wholly female stories of birth, life, death, and regeneration are our stories, and the wisdom hidden within them, though obscured by centuries of patriarchy, have been rediscovered for a new generation of modern women. As we see how the prehistoric Isis escaped her prison, how the original Demeter found what was lost, how the ancient Ishtar made the crops grow with her divine sexuality, we find keys to help us unlock our highest potentials.      Restored by the greening power of these wisdom keys, we return to our everyday world with new tools to conquer any problem and to live more passionate, creative, and joyous lives.

The life-affirming teachings contained in Sex, Power, and Wisdom are available as an hour-long presentation, an afternoon workshop, or a weekend seminar. Our schedule will be posted soon. To arrange the presentation of your choice, contact us here.