To the Land of Changing woman — Itinerary

Sojourn to Changing Woman — September 3-14, 2019

We’re excited to announce our Sojourn to Changing Woman! 12 days of ceremony!


Since 1998, Deep Arrow has taken international groups of women who are dedicated to reclaiming the Sacred Feminine for themselves and for the planet on this life-affirming and life-altering Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman.  This spiritual Sojourn also welcomes men who are related to women participants and who themselves are also seeking Initiation to this Goddess energy.

Day 1 – 9/3       Fly into ALBUQUERQUE, NM and co-rent a car or take the Sandia Shuttle to Abiquiu. Arrive and check into The Ghost Ranch (home of Georgia O’Keeffe), Abiquiu, NM. Dinner; Orientation; Evening Prayers.

Day 2 – 9/4       The Ghost Ranch: Breakfast/Lunch; Morning Prayers; Car Blessing; visit the birthplace of Changing Woman; Cleansing Ritual at Ojo Spa (admission & all rentals paid); Dinner and Circle.

Day 3 – 9/5       The Ghost Ranch, NM/Pagosa Springs, CO.: Breakfast/Lunch; Morning Prayers; Car Blessing; Echo Basin (admission paid); Rituals at Echo Basin; travel north to Pagosa Springs; check in; Circle; Evening Prayers.

Day 4 – 9/6       Pagosa Springs: Morning Prayers; Car Blessing; Circle; Riverside Camp (admission paid); Rituals of Moving Waters; night time Water Ceremony of Purification under the stars.

Day 5 – 9/7       Pagosa Springs:  Riverside Camp (admission paid); Morning Prayers; Car Blessing; Circle; gather Medicine; smoke Apache Pipe; night time Water Ceremony of Release.

Day 6 – 9/8       Pagosa Springs/Durango Mountain Lodge Resort: Morning Prayers; Car Blessing; travel north; visit Durango, shop and tour the famous Strater House in Durango; have lunch; check into resort on Durango Mountain; Dinner; orientation; Circle; Evening Prayers.

Day 7 – 9/9       Durango Mt.: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner; FREE DAY. Relax, sightsee, shop, hike, ride horses, journal, sleep; Car Blessing; drive to Trimble Spa & Natural Hot Springs for night time Ritual of Peaceful Rest (admission & all rentals paid).

Day 8 – 9/10     Durango Mt.: Breakfast; Car Blessing; drive up to Molas Lake Campground Park, Silverton, the “Most Scenic Campground In Colorado” with an elevation of 10,522 ft. (admission paid); Morning Prayers; Lunch; Ritual to Feed Water Monster at Molas Lake; drive down the mountain to resort; Circle; Celebration Dinner at The Sow’s Ear Restaurant; Evening Prayers.

Day 9 – 9/11     Durango/Silverton/Ouray: Breakfast; Morning Prayers; Car Blessing; travel north; visit Silverton, shop, tour, have lunch; prayers at Animas River; travel north to Ouray (“Switzerland of America”), check into a hot springs spa and lodge; have dinner; orientation; Circle, Evening Prayers; optional – silent relaxation in outdoor hot spring pool.

Day 10 – 9/12    Ouray: Free Morning; Circle; preparation for Initiation to Changing Woman; night time Ceremony of Transformation – death to old life. (like Inanna’s Journey into the Underworld).

Day 11 – 9/13    Ouray: Morning Prayers; Circle; complete crafting Medicine Bag; night time
Ceremony of Rebirth, (like rebirth in spring with the return of the Goddess Persephone) and
Initiation to Changing Woman. (like a Rite of Passage)

Day 12 – 9/14    Ouray: Morning Prayers; Closing Circle; Car Blessing; visit Box Canyon Falls & Park (admission paid); return all sacred waters of Changing Woman back to source; Closing Ritual. Return to Albuquerque, NM or Montrose, CO for flights back home.

Day 13 – 9/15    Fly out of Albuquerque, NM or Montrose, CO Airport: Return home as Changing Woman.

Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in bold type are included in the cost of the Sojourn.

(For more info on the Sojourn to Changing Woman and a photo gallery, click here.)




“The Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman was special primarily because it was a sacred journey which took me out of contemporary time and events, put me in touch with my heart, and allowed my intuition to flourish.”  –Denise, 1999

“The Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman took me from quiet despair to knowing who I truly am — Beauty, Beauty, Beauty. It was as fearsome and awesome and real as it gets. If it calls to you, just go.”  –Edie F., 2009

“The beauty of this spiritual adventure for me is that even years after, the experience continues to provide access to deep healing and remembering my true purpose.”  –Perry F., 2005