Sojourns to Greece

“Our real journey begins when we set out for the sacred ground . . . that will stir our heart and restore our sense of wonder.”

                                                                                                                                      — Phil Cousineau, author of “The Art of Pilgrimage”

Delphi Temple Xchng

For thousands of years, seekers have traveled to the edges of the world in order to journey to the depths of their souls.  After such pilgrimages, they often come away feeling they have been changed. Their hearts have been opened, their spirits rejuvenated.

Join us for a Sojourn and you too can sense the thrum of power that still reverberates in the temples of Delphi, charged by 5000 years of invocation and prayer. You too can meet the goddesses revered by the vibrant, matriarchal culture of Minoan Crete—and feel the power they still have to heal us, bring us dreams, and inspire us with passion and creativity. You too can stand before the cave at Eleusis, the most famous religious center of the ancient world, and be initiated into the      goddess’s eternal Mysteries.

While Demeter, Aphrodite, and the Snake Goddesses whisper age-old secrets to your heart, modern Greece will feed your senses—and your soul—with the sight of stunning landscapes, the taste of creamy yogurt smothered in wild honey, the sounds of romantic mandolins, and the smells of fresh breezes off the Aegean. And like many other women, you’ll find these novel and sensual experiences all coming together to create new ways of experiencing the world, new ways to heal old wounds, new pathways to discover the transcendent.

And did we mention how much we laugh? And shop? And frolic on the beach? And share wild stories with new friends? And drink ambrosia while watching sunsets over the most spectacular sea view in the world?

Immerse yourself in the magic!  


Trip Highlights

  • Cleansing ritual with Aphrodite to renew your “virginity”
  • Meditation at Athena’s temple on the Acropolis
  • Strolling through the Plaka with one of the most charming raconteurs in Greece
  • Lesson in goddess divination at Delphi
  • Professional local guides and private buses
  • Tour of Knossos temple on Crete, home of ancient labyrinths and goddess worship
  • Seeing the original Snake Goddess and taking home a replica
  • Moon ceremony on the shores of the Mediterranean
  • Authentic Greek cuisine–fish fresh from the sea, grape leaves, calamari, baklava
  • Guided tour of the active archaeological dig on Santorini
  • Shopping in Santorini’s “town of artists”
  • Dining at sunset while over-looking a volcano in the sea
  • Exploring the charm and winding streets of Mykonos
  • Dancing at the Horn Altar of Artemis on the sacred isle of Delos
  • Being serenaded by a Greek guitarist while sipping local wine
  • Swimming in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea
  • Invocation of your own healing dream at Epidaurus
  • Initiation at the site of the famous Eleusinian Mysteries
  • Making new friends, laughing, sharing stories, growing, transforming

                                                   “I spent most of the trip filled with awe. I came home with new inspiration, deep peace, and                                                       creative ideas I’d never thought of before. The Goddess truly blessed us all.”  –Jane; Duluth, MN

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