Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman

September 5 – 16, 2017

Sacred Sites — Healing Waters —
Ancient Ceremonies

Drink in the breathtaking sights of the New Mexican desert and the Colorado Rockies. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, centuries-old teachings, prayers, sacred songs, stories, cosmology rituals, and nighttime healing ceremonies in sacred springs.

The Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman is a 400 mile journey through colorful deserts and majestic mountains. The sacred sites and healing waters — some of which are now incorporated into modern health spa facilities, while others remain rugged and natural – provide the catalysts for this ancient quest for purification and transformation. The journey culminates when you are initiated to Changing Woman—allowing you to break through old limitations and reach your full potential for courage, forgiveness, humor, patience, and unconditional love.

Passed down through oral tradition, from generations of the Shishindi people to Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, and now to Deep Arrow Woman, this Sacred Sojourn is an exquisite and life-changing gift to all humanity.

“West of the Sangre de Christo Mountains in New Mexico, between a river and a rocky ridge, the Earth-heated waters of Changing Woman rise to the surface and gather in healing pools. Further to the West just beyond the pools lies a place where geology has marked the Four Directions: four high desert plains intersect at a power point. This is a region of origins, a place of birth and beginnings. From this place the Sojourn to the Lands of Changing Woman begins. as seekers have done for thousands of years, pilgrims who have committed themselves to the Sojourn to purify themselves. Then they enter into the steaming, healing, mineral waters. The chanting begins, and the waters awaken.”  
–Steven McFadden, author of Profiles in Wisdom

“The beauty of this spiritual adventure for me is that even years after, the experience continues to provide access to deep healing and remembering my true purpose.” Perry F.

Immerse yourself in the healing waters this year!



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