Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman

September 3 - 14, 2019

Step out of ordinary time, into timeless ceremonies in healing waters.
into your becoming.


"Changing Woman . . . brought her People to their promised land, their sacred Center Place, the arid plateau between four sacred mountains. She gave the People an arsenal of curing ceremonies to return them to harmony when they felt out of balance or were in need of healing . . . effective only if performed within the mythic corner posts enclosing an area of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah."
--from "Faces of the Native Spirit" by 
Tony Hillerman

Sacred Sojourn to the Land Of Changing Woman
is one of the ceremonies She left to her people. It is the ultimate experience for the spiritual seeker, those in need of healing, and those in search of an ancient, powerful, transcendent initiation into a new life.

-- Spend 12 days in ceremonies of purification and transformation--and return home renewed.

-- Experience the power of this spiritual initiation to restore balance and harmony in body, mind, soul, and spirit.

-- Shed lifetimes of painful cellular memory to live the life of your dreams, not your past.

-- Be free of fixed realities that limit your natural potential for love and beauty.

-- Find your true purpose and contribute your gifts to family and friends from overflow, with a spiritual community and natural allies to support you.

-- Remember who you truly are and reclaim your divinity -- to bring the power and strength of Changing Woman into your life during these uncertain times.

-- Live your passion and bring your light to the world.

Join us in a sacred pilgrimage that will change your life.


The Sacred Sojourn to the Land of Changing Woman is a 400-mile spiritual pilgrimage, visiting revitalizing springs, majestic mountains, and sacred healing waters from New Mexico to Colorado. Come join us to:

-- Immerse yourself in the rich culture, centuries-old teachings, cosmology, and rituals that were passed down from Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf through oral tradition, from generations of her People, called Apache. These ceremonies have been called a "gift to humanity."

-- Be filled with breathtaking sights, from the New Mexican desert to the Colorado Rockies. Experience ancient rituals in the natural wonders of Echo Basin, Molas Lake, and Box Canyon.

-- Connect deeply to the mountain spirits and the healing waters of this sacred land. Accept these spirits as allies. Listen to their wisdom and be set free from pains and memories of the past.

-- Celebrate your own personal transformation and cellular healing as a result of 12 days of ongoing teaching sessions, talking stick circles, powerful rituals, and transformational night-time ceremonies. Prepare to bring the blessings and qualities of transcendence from Changing Woman into your life and the lives of all who are touched by your life.

Join us for the spiritual sojourn of a lifetime -- unprecedented in Western culture!


"The Sojourn was special to me primarily because it was a sacred journey which took me out of contemporary times and events, put me in touch with my heart, and allowed my intuition to flourish."  --Denise, 1999

"It took me from quiet despair to knowing who I truly am--Beauty, Beauty, Beauty. It was as fearsome and awesome and real as it gets. If it calls to you, just go!"  --Edie, 2009

“The beauty of this spiritual adventure for me is that even years after, the experience continues to provide access to deep healing and remembering my true purpose.” --Perry F.



Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf, internationally acclaimed teacher and Warrior Woman, was 11 years old when she was first taken into these ancient ceremonies in the healing waters of Changing Woman. She and her father and a small band of family members were in mourning and seeking healing after the untimely death of Oh Shinnah's mother. Back then, they rode to these sacred ceremonial sites on horseback. These days, we follow in their footsteps but travel by car.

Oh Shinnah believes that all the children of Mother Earth, regardless of the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the divinity/god/goddess they pray to are in need of the vibration of Changing Woman in order to thrive, not just survive, during these times of prophetic Earth changes. Knowing the powerful healing potential of this sacred sojourn from her own experience, she beseeched her elders and teachers for fifteen years before receiving permission to share these ancestral ceremonies with the world.

Shortly thereafter, in 1997, Oh Shinnah had a prophetic dream. She was told to train Deep Arrow Woman and Bright Owl to conduct the purification ceremonies of this healing and spiritual initiation -- to assure that its powers to help and to heal would remain available to those who were called into the sacred, recuperative waters in the land of Changing Woman. Both these women humbly undertook the extensive training required with Oh Shinnah, which lasted for many years -- until Deep Arrow Woman was entrusted to lead the Sojourn and the ceremonies with the support of Bright Owl.

Deep Arrow Woman dedicated herself to preserving these life-altering ceremonies that are so unique in our modern world. She now trains others to receive the privilege and hold the responsibilities as ceremonial leaders of this Sacred Sojourn and to safeguard the promise she made to Oh Shinnah all those years ago -- to keep alive these ancestral practices of purification and initiation in our modern world.



Join us in the healing waters. Step out of time -- and into becoming who you truly are.




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