Greece 2015 — Itinerary

Sacred Sojourn to Greece — May 15 – May 31, 2015

We’re excited to announce our Spring 2015 journey!  17 glorious days!

Join us for a rare opportunity to explore the woman-centered, pre-Hellenic myths and mysteries of the Goddess. We’ll dance, feast, bathe in sacred springs, pour libations, delight in the spectacular beauty and vibrant culture of Greece, and come away graced with all the magic, power, and sensuality the land and the Goddess have to offer.

Day 1 – 5/15       Depart for Athens

Day 2 – 5/16       Athens: Arrive and check into our luxurious hotel just blocks from the Acropolis; cleansing ritual with Aphrodite; welcome dinner in the Plaka.

Day 3 – 5/17       Athens/Delphi: Receive the blessings of Athena at her temple on the Acropolis; lunch at the Acropolis museum; private bus to Delphi; check into our hotel on the Corinthian Gulf.

Day 4 – 5/18       Delphi: Visit the ancient site and learn to prophesy as did the first oracle, Gaia.

Day 5 – 5/19       Crete: Private bus to Athens for our flight to Crete, the island where the ancient goddess culture reigned in peace for 1000 years; relax at our charming hotel near Ammoudara Beach.

Day 6 – 5/20      Crete: Walk with the Lady of the Labyrinth and the Minoan Snake Goddess at Knossos temple; participate in an ancient women’s ceremony on the shores of the Aegean Sea.

Day 7 – 5/21      Crete: Enjoy other sacred sites of the Minoan culture; free afternoon.

Day 8 – 5/22      Santorini: Cruise by megajet boat to this fabled island; check into our hotel with views of the sea and volcano.

Day 9 – 5/23     Santorini: Visit Akrotiri, a fascinating archaeological dig from the time of the Goddess.

Day 10 – 5/24    Santorini: Free day to savor the sensuality of the most captivating island in the world.

Day 11 – 5/25    Mykonos: Cruise by superjet boat to this charming island; check into our white-washed hotel, swept by gentle sea breezes.

Day 12 – 5/26   Mykonos: Dance at the Horn Altar of Artemis on the holy isle of Delos.

Day 13 – 5/27    Mykonos: Free day to explore the island’s famed shops and beaches.

Day 14 – 5/28    Athens: Cruise by superjet boat to Athens; check into our familiar hotel near the Acropolis.

Day 15 – 5/29   Epidaurus: Travel by private bus to the most famous healing center of the ancient world—to inspire our healing dreams for the night back in Athens.

Day 16 – 5/30   Eleusis: Journey by private bus to the site of the famous Eleusinian Mysteries, where we’ll initiate our spiritual gifts with Demeter; return to Athens.

Day 17 – 5/31   Depart for U.S.


“I knew my trip to Greece with Lorraine and Barbara would be beautiful and fun, but I didn’t expect that I’d also gain such a deep and sensual understanding of the original myths of the Goddess. The food, the culture, the joy of new friends, the laughter, the dances and rituals we did at each site—through all of them, my Goddess-self felt reunited with the profound truths I had been seeking for so long. It was a sacred journey like no other I’ve ever experienced.”                                                                                               -–Gail Ann, South Salem, NY

“If you receive an invitation to visit Greece, GO!! It has the potential to change your life and enrich your mind and soul. The spirits of the Greek goddesses reside there and have wisdom to impart. They may be calling you. I received that call, and soon, almost magically, found myself standing on the beach. The gifts I received are beyond words, and the renewed view of my world and future bring me inspiration,  joy and gratitude.”     –K.S., Colorado

“My favorite moment? Eating fresh calamari atop the volcanic cliffs of Santorini, mandolins playing, talking with incredible women about how we’d cried after Moon Ceremony on Crete two nights ago and how our lives would be different if we lived in a culture centered around women, nature, and beauty as the Minoans had, and laughing that we’d probably still not be brave enough to walk around bare-breasted as they had!”     –B.G., San Francisco, CA