Journey with Us

The greatest journey you can ever take is the road to finding yourself.

TrailGirls200Experience a Sojourn
Come walk with us on ancient stones. Come bathe at sacred springs. Come dance at the altar of wild and sensual goddesses. Laugh with us, share stories, celebrate secret women’s ceremonies on the shores of the Aegean, and feast on fresh grape leaves and decadent Baklava.
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demeter Attend a Workshop
Adventure here at home. Join us to explore female myths as ancient as the soul. In the pre-patriarchal tales of Athena, Isis, Inanna, and others, we’ll find our own stories—and bring back the passion, power, and creativity we need to live our biggest lives.
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What you yearn for may be calling you to seek.
Come join us and answer the call.

~  Lorraine and Barbara

Lorraine and Barbara at Santorini

Lorraine and Barbara at Santorini